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In recent years, there has been widespread use of blockchain-based smart contracts in various financial and property sectors. By greatly simplifying the economic turnover, the potential efficiency and profitability arise from the fact that smart contracts use software to perform certain tasks through automated processes, minimizing the involvement of intermediaries…

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In 2019, in order to create attractive conditions for the development of the Fintech sector in Singapore, the Payment Services Law was adopted, which consolidated the definition of cryptocurrency (digital payment tokens) and the procedure for its circulation. In addition, this Law established the criteria to distinguish payment tokens from…

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Legal regulation of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in Italy.

Italy is one of the few countries in the world where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are regulated at the legislative level. In 2017, Legislative Act № 90 was issued, according to which service providers in the cryptocurrency market are classified as ordinary currency exchange operators. In other words, we can…

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States cannot but react to how rapidly modern financial technologies are developing. They are used to minimize risks, optimize trading, banking, and other transactions, and, accordingly, in a certain way affect the existing legal relationship. It cannot be argued that such influence has only positive properties: even if a smart…

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The modern international circulation of hydrocarbons is becoming more and more autonomous and decentralized. This is facilitated not only by the introduction of such network technologies as smart contracts and blockchain platforms into contractual practice but also by the widespread use of sources of non-governmental regulation (lex petrolea). In the…


IMBA-Exchange is a new exchange for trading digital assets (cryptocurrencies), which is created to unite people around the world.

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